Show your support of the new concert hall!

We'll have over 500 beautiful, comfortable seats in our new acoustic concert hall, and you can support the project by adding your name to the seat of your choice. Each seat will have an engraved, brushed stainless steel nameplate attached, and with a $1,000 donation, your name or your family name can adorn one of those nameplates. Because our nameplates are a consistent size (3 3/8” x 3/4”), there is a character limit for the engraved text. It comes to about 40 characters per nameplate, at 20 characters per row for a maximum of two rows.

For couples, if your names won't fit comfortably together on one nameplate, might we suggest you instead name two seats next to one another? Just an idea! Not shown on our seating chart below are the removable, ADA-compliant seats in the very front row for our concertgoers in wheelchairs, and when necessary, to make room for an orchestra pit. If you'd like to get your name on one of those removable seats, please just let us know and we can arrange that with you.

Please note: naming a seat does not guarantee it'll be your seat at future concerts, but feel free to request it!

For more information, please consult our Seat Naming Frequently Asked Questions document here.

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